Your Village Benefits – A Detailed Overview

Note:  Benefits are subject to change depending on members’ needs and available community resources.  It’s always advisable to check in with the Village office if you have any questions about your membership or benefits.


One Number to call for questions or resources:

Avenidas Village member services are available at (650) 289-5405 to help with a variety of needs or questions you may have.  Whether you need to find a reliable pet sitter, handyman or home care provider, need a ride or want some information on your upcoming driver’s test at the DMV, Member Services will find the answers or help you arrange the services you need.

24/7 live help for assistance with certain needs after hours:

Outside of business hours, a professional answering service handles calls and makes referrals to 24-hour vendors you may need for help such as Electrician, Locksmith, Home Care, or other non-emergency but immediate needs.

An extensive network of 180+ Vetted Vendors:

Avenidas Village provides members with a list of vendors who have been extensively screened by Village staff or volunteers.  All of these providers are required to provide their license and insurance information plus the names of 3 clients who have used their services, who are interviewed by the Village for their feedback.  Only licensed, bonded and insured service providers with a reputation for good service are included in the vetted vendors list.  Any issues with a vetted vendor should be reported to the Village for a follow-up to help us maintain a list of top quality, trusted providers.

Members-only directories of fellow members and vendors, in print or online:

When you join the Village you receive a binder containing print copies of the member and vendor directories and various other useful resource listings.  These are also available exclusively to members online, when you log in to the Village website.  The listings are kept up-to-date online, and updated printed copies are always available upon request.

Holiday party and Village celebrations:

Annual Holiday Party, Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event, and other celebrations are scheduled throughout the year to give you a chance to come out and socialize with Village friends.  In addition, interest groups are being formed to bring Village members together around activities they enjoy doing together.  These events are planned by the Village and are free to members.

Neighborhood cluster groups and activities:

Cluster groups bring neighboring Villagers together for opportunities to socialize, learn and help one another as you get to know Village members who live nearby.  Each Cluster group chooses its meeting schedule and activities which may include invited speakers, potlucks, or group social outings.  Participating in your neighborhood cluster allows you to network with others and request or provide informal volunteer help such as driving/ride sharing, help with a simple household task, or just reaching out socially with a call or visit.

Members-only Village email groups:

Village members are encouraged to use the Village email group or their cluster email group to share announcements, request information or seek recommendations for service providers from other members.  These email groups are also used to remind you of upcoming events and activities at either the Village or Cluster level, or to share news and updates from the Village.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The Village model is based on the idea of members helping one another.  Volunteer opportunities to support other members include driving; helping with small chores or tasks; accompanying someone to a medical appointment as a MedPal to help them sort out the information from the doctor; social phone calls or visits to other members; or dropping off a meal for someone who is ill or recovering.  Other volunteer help for the Village includes serving on committees or as cluster group leaders, planning a Village lunch or outing, or help with office tasks.

Members-only Website:

Village members receive their own login credentials to access the members-only Village website.  Here you can access member and vendor directories, search for members by name or cluster, and read the latest newsletter.  Soon you will also be able to view and register for events online, enjoy “live chat” with other Villagers, and experience real-time updates and announcements just on logging in.

Members-only social and cultural outings:

With the help of a part-time Social Events Coordinator, the Village arranges and schedules a variety of outings and social opportunities that members can enjoy such as Lunch Bunch, Vistas lecture series, various workshops/presentations arranged by the Village, and local tours and cultural outings such as museums, gardens, etc.

A network of friends and neighbors who can give and receive support:

Through your participation in Village events and in your neighborhood cluster, you will develop a social network which will help you to feel you are not alone!  You can call someone in your cluster or the Village main office if you need help or advice, and together we can find you the support you need.

Vendor Discounts:

Most of the vendors on our Vetted Vendors list offer discounts between 10%-20% for their services to Village members, or special offers to save you money.

Free periodic home maintenance program:

In partnership with local volunteers, Avenidas Village is able to periodically offer aprogram for members to receive help with various small home maintenance chores—changing smoke detectors or light bulbs, cleaning first floor windows or gutters, trimming overgrown shrubbery, moving furniture or boxes.  This program is announced via newsletters and the Village email group and all members are encouraged to sign up.  This program is free or may include the cost of items replaced in your home.

Priority access and discounts on Avenidas Wellness services, classes & Lectures:

Avenidas Village members automatically receive “Gold Level” membership in Avenidas Senior Center, which provides discounts on many classes and wellness services offered by Avenidas as well as priority signup for special programs.

Unlimited free rides to/from Avenidas at 450 Bryant Street:

Using transportation services Avenidas Door to Door and GoGo Grandparent, Avenidas Village offers members free transportation to/from 450 Bryant Street whether for a Village activity or presentation, an Avenidas program or just to meet up with friends at the Cafe. If you'd rather not drive/park in downtown Palo Alto, you can still enjoy Avenidas with this free benefit.

Up to 10 discounted rides per month to any destination using GoGo Grandparent or Avenidas Door to Door

$5 discount off any ride with Avenidas Door to Door or GoGo Grandparent, up to 10 rides per month - for shopping, appointments or an airport pickup. Members are automatically registered with the transportation services to receive the Village discount.

Free transportation to/from medical appointments when the doctor requires you not to drive (up to 2x per year):

This is a free service that is provided using a vetted home care agency.  A caregiver will take you to your appointment, wait for you, and bring you home and they are available to stay with you after the appointment for a short time if this is needed.  This service is available to each member up to twice a year.

Free trained “Med-Pal” to attend doctor’s visits with you and take notes:

Member volunteers who have trained with a nurse will provide you with extra support for important medical appointments.  They will meet with you ahead of the appointment to help you make a list of questions you may have for the doctor and will accompany you at the appointment to help make sure you get those questions answered.  Following the appointment, they will take time with you to see if you feel you have all the information you need or if another follow-up is required.  Med-Pals may also drive you to/from the appointment if this is requested.

Free “Legal 411” service for basic legal advice:

Member volunteers who are trained attorneys can help you understand your next step on a legal question.   You can send your question to Village Member Services who will pass it on for review.  The legal experts can provide direction on whether you need a lawyer to deal with your issue, and if so what type of lawyer would be best.  They do not provide direct legal advice but will give you helpful guidance on what steps you need to take for your situation.

Free emergency/disaster preparedness review:

On request, a member volunteer will come to your home and work with you individually to evaluate what you need to be well-prepared in the case of a disaster.  They will help you know what you should have on hand in case you need to evacuate and where to keep it, as well as provide tips that will help keep you safe. 

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